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Primary title: Philippine President Security Guard will be complete and comprehensive blockade enforced remote locationMar 27, Philippine President Durant Security Safeguard commander stated that because many federal government officials and users of Congress recently diagnosed the fresh overhead pneumonia contamination, to guarantee the protection of the president, presidential security protections will bring out at 0:00 on Drive 28 until April 10 comprehensive blockade plan, which means that all associates of the protection guards and their households may not end up being out of the presidential structure area and full self-isolation,coronavirus n95,Surgical face masks,coronavirus masks,What masks for coronavirus,coronavirus n95

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Primary name: Thailand'nasiums fresh 91 instances of brand-new confirmed cases of pneumonia crown cumulative confirmed 1136 situationsLocal 27, the Thai Ministry of Wellness added 91 cases of verified situations of the new crown pneumonia, add one died,face masks n95 for sale,coronavirus mask best,What masks for coronavirus,best mask for coronavirus,coronavirus n95 face mask

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